Vacation Rental Owners Are Angels.

Owning a vacation home provides enjoyment, satisfaction and a sense of security for those families blessed enough to afford one. Now they can get something even more important - a chance to be a real life angel.

The Vacation Rental Industry Association is the humble sponsor of surely the most important vacation rental listing directory in the entire world. is one of a kind - an online catalog of the most generous and kind hearted property owners on heaven or earth. VRAI members.

The VRAI Angel Program is Very Simple.

  • Members - Pledge a week’s stay per year to needy organizations to get listed on And they can display the Angels logo on their websites and printed materials.

  • Organizations - Use the dates, sell or auction them for income. In this way, well meaning property owners find well meaning folks who use the home for the good of everyone.

  • Participants - Can arrange their own donations or post availability on the Angels website so worthy groups can contact them directly. It can be heaven on earth for everyone involved.

  • Angels - Are invited to announce donations on the Angel Honor Roll. Charities can post comments and photos as thanks to big hearted owners.

  • Publishers - Become Arch Angels by allowing members to display the Angel Icon on their websites. Involvement is optional but who can ignore this chance to help owners help others?

Click Here to See Angels Honor Roll of Donations!

Listings are managed through the world’s first Vacation Rental Multiple Listing Service ( where members submit listings just once in order to publish on dozens of websites; including the Angel program. VRAI does not solicit or accept donations. Those are done directly between Owners and Charities. Earn your wings today. Become a member at