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Florida TimeShare Owners Group

The Florida Timeshare Owners Group was formed in the Fall of 2004, when an interested group of timeshare owners agreed to meet for the purpose of organizing themselves, in order to share timeshare information and experiences with each other. Since 2004 the Group has grown to become the largest independent timeshare owners association in the nation, which enables FTOG to attract the very best industry guest speakers to attend and address our membership. The Group continues to meet in Sarasota, FL., and membership is open to year-round and seasonal residents of Florida, as well as to all out-of state residents who own timeshare property either located in Florida, or anywhere throughout the world. Two or more invited Guest Speakers attend each meeting, and address the various issues of interest and concern to the typical timeshare owner. A question-and-answer period follows each Guest Speaker. In addition, the various timeshare exchange companies, as well as the established timeshare industry organizations and the media, have all continued, over the years, to show a willingness to attend our meetings, and share their information and advice for the benefit of our Group's members. A "Member's General Discussion" is conducted at each meeting also, whereby up to three volunteer Members present their topics of interest or concern to the Group, for the purposes of round-table dialogue and input among the membership. If you would be interested in meeting other timeshare owners, learn how to enhance your timeshare ownership property, and share your experiences and knowledge, then you should consider joining the Florida Timeshare Owners Group. Membership in the Group allows for participation in our Internal Rental/Exchange/ Purchase/Sales Program, whereby there are absolutely no exchange fees, or rental/sales charges involved. Each Member receives a copy of our Members Resort Directory, listing information on our member's Resorts available for rent, sale, or exchange. Member to member contact information is secured, so as to insure all Member's privacy. Advance seating reservations are required for all wishing to attend any of the Group's scheduled meetings. Non-members may attend only one meeting, as such, and only if seating is available, and advance reservations are obtained. Non-members are subject to a nominal per-person door charge, payable in advance.
  • Address: 7339 Kensington Court, University Park, FL 34201
  • Phone: (941) 351-1384
  • Website: TWOwnersGroup.com