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Great Room!

My husband and I stayed at the Sand Dollar Inn and Suites on our mini Washington road trip, and this place turned out to be a hidden gem.

While the small town itself doesn’t offer a lot to do, (perhaps it was the time of year) the ocean, beaches, and scenery are beautiful to behold. Hot tip: Driving on the beach in shoulder season is tons of fun!

The Inn itself was a treat! The woman working at the front desk, Laurie, was a delightful woman. She was friendly, cheerful and has a great customer-oriented attitude. We really enjoyed chatting with her, and she was nice enough not to laugh at me when I managed to trip heading up the stairs. Haha.

She showed us directly to our rooms, and made sure we were satisfied with them, which I thought was a very personal touch. The room itself was SO CLEAN. It did smell a bit of cleaner or bleach though, so if you’re sensitive to smells you might want to email them before hand and ask to leave a window open before your arrival. Didn’t bother us, and I was thrilled to see a room that was so obviously taken care of.

The beds were comfy, and the pillows were great. The room was well laid out, and I could easily see myself staying in a place like this for several nights. My only comment was that we could very easily hear the loud people above us in the penthouse suite. Thankfully they didn’t stay up too late. Rooms were a bit chilly, but did have a hearty little heater/furnace in the room.

Overall, a wonderful place for the price, and our room #5 is the one we will look for on our next trip up the Washington coast. – Courtney, Vancouver, Canada